WEEK 1: Introduction to Developmental Robotics

WEEK 2: Overview of Robotics and AI

WEEK 3: Embodiment and the Sense of Self

Works from psychology and cognitive science:

Self-Recognition and Embodiment in Robotics:


WEEK 4: Object Affordances

Affordances in Psychology:

Case-studies in Robotics (read 2 out of 3):


WEEK 5: Preliminary Proposal Presentations (no extra readikngs)

WEEK 6 - 7: Tool Use and Affordances

Tool Use in Animals:

Experiments in Robotics:

WEEK 8: Theories of Vision

Vision in Psychology:

Computer Vision:

WEEK 9: Auditory Sensing and Perception

Acoustic Perception in Psychology:

Experiments in Robotics:

WEEK 10-11: Multisensory Object Representations

WEEK 12: Social and Language Learning

Language Learning in Robotics:

Language Learning in Humans: