Computer Science 160
Graph Theory
Spring 2019 Syllabus

First Class: Wednesday, January 16.
No Class on Monday, January 21: Martin Luther King Day.
No Class on Wednesday, February 13: DLS AT NSB Meeting--need to schedule a makeup.
No Class on Monday, February 18: President's Day.
No Class on Wednesday, February 20: DLS AT AAAS Meeting--need to schedule a makeup.
Special Class on Thursday, February 21: a Tufts Monday Schedule.
First Exam: Wednesday, March 13
Spring Vacation: March 16-23.
Special Classes on Monday, April 1: 8:45-10:15 and 12:00-1:00.
No Class on Wednesday, April 3. No Class on Monday, April 15: Patriot's Day.
Last Class: Monday, April 29.
Second Exam: Monday, April 29.
Project Presentations: Tuesday, May 7, 11:30-2:30 (during our final exam slot)


Announcements, homework assignments, project assignment, and other handouts will be posted on the class web pages . Please check frequently. We may also decide to shift this predominantly to PIAZZA. Please sign up for the Comp 150GT PIAZZA group.

Brief Description:

Introduction to graph theory, including trees, matchings, connectivity, colorings, and planar graphs. There is no required programming in this class-- one may choose either an implementation project or a theoretical project-- but there are applications in computational geometry, computational biology, and algorithms.


COMP 160 OR COMP 170 OR any Math course numbered 100 or above.

Class Meetings in Halligan 111 B:

Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00-10:15 AM


  • M 2/11 08:45
  • W 2/13 Professor Away (No Class - Office Hours/Group Study During Class Time)
  • M 2/18 President's Day (No Class)
  • W 2/20 Professor Away (No Class - Office Hours/Group Study During Class Time)
  • Th 2/21 08:45 (Tufts Monday)
  • F 2/22 08:45 (Makeup Class)
  • F 3/04 Snow Day (No Class)
  • M 3/11 12:00-1:15 (Makeup Class)
  • M 4/01 8:45-10:15 AND 12:00-1:00 (Makeup Class)
  • W 4/03 Professor Away (No Class -- office hours/group study during class)


    Prof. Diane L. Souvaine ( email )

    Office: Halligan 239.
    Office Hours: TBA


    Matt Jones ( email )

    Matthew Turner (email)

    Mail sent to is sent to Prof. Souvaine and to both TAs. <\h4>


    Douglas West: Introduction to Graph Theory, 2nd edition, Prentice-Hall, 2001. ISBN 0-13-014400-2.

    Optional Reference:

    Béla Bollobás: Modern Graph Theory,,/i>, Springer Science \& Business Media, 1998. ISBN 978-0-387-98488-9.