COMP 150-07: Intelligent Robotics

Computer Science Department, Tufts University


Final projects (project 2)

Rubik's Cube Solver - Amaro Taylor and Jamie Altreuter

A robot to solve a scrambled 2x2x2 Rubik's cube. The robot uses a single light sensor to distinguish between face colors and read in the scrambled position. The design is based on a rotating basket housing the cube, two actuated arms to flip the cube over, and the actuated sensor head to position the sensor near the surface to be read.

Final demo photo [[RubiksCubeSolver.jpg]] Final demo video [[]]
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Rubik's Cube Solver Final Report --- only.

Sumo Robot - Caitrin Eaton and Sam McCauley

A robot to compete in a sumo wrestling match against a human-operated RC car. The robot uses a sturdy mechanical design, a dual-differential drive chassis, one light sensor, 2 bumper sensors, and a behavior-based control algorithm to stay within the arena while reacting to opponent attacks.

Final demo photo [[SumoRobot.jpg]]
Sumo Robot Final Report

Mapper Robot - Danny Walters and Mark Pellegrini

A robot to map an unknown environment using sonar sensor readings. The robot has a dual-differential drive, a bumper sensor for collision detection, and a sonar sensor. It uses geometric reasoning to convert raw sonar data into line segment estimates and build a map.

Final demo photos
[[MapperRobot.jpg]] [[MapperDsiplay.jpg]]
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Mapper Robot Final Report