COMP 150-07: Intelligent Robotics

Computer Science Department, Tufts University


This schedule is provisional. Watch this space for changes.

Th Jan 15 Intro; physical computation and embodied intelligence
T Jan 20 Lab 1:
Kit checkout, design process, design with legos
1 HW1 out
Th Jan 22 Intelligent creatures; Braitenberg Vehicles 2, 3
T Jan 27 Lab 2:
NXT programming and lego vehicles
HW1 due
HW2 out
Th Jan 29 Subsumption architecture; Feedback control 4
T Feb 3 Lab 3:
Motors, encoders
5 HW2 due
HW3 out
Th Feb 5 Locomotion, chassis and odometry
T Feb 10 Lab 4:
Wavefront algorithm
HW3 due
HW4 out
Th Feb 12 Motion planning I: configuration space 6
T Feb 17 Lab 5:
More motion planning
c-space HW4 due
HW5 out
Th Feb 19 No class: Monday schedule
T Feb 24 Lab 6:
Sensor-based localization
HW5 due
HW6 out
Th Feb 26 Mapping
T Mar 3 Lab Project 1:
Navigate an unknown maze
HW6 due
Project 1 out
Th Mar 5 Rigid body motions
T Mar 10 Lab 7:
Project 1 checkpoint
Project 1 checkpoint
Th Mar 12 Forward and inverse kinematics
March 14-22: Spring Break
T Mar 24 Lab Project 1 demos
Project 1 due
HW7 out
Th Mar 26 Project review; Grasping Project 2 out
T Mar 31 Lab 8:
Manipulator control
HW7 due
Th Apr 2 Bio-inspired robotics Project 2 proposal
due Fri April 3
T Apr 7 Lab:
Project work
Th Apr 9 Distributed robotics
T Apr 14 Lab:
Project work
Project 2 checkpoint
Th Apr 16 Guest Lecture: Will Bosworth, Seegrid Co.
Commercial / industrial robotics
W Apr 22 Special time: 12 noon - Open Block Project 2 demos at CEEO Project 2 demo
Th Apr 23 Course wrap-up, final words, evaluations
Final project 2 reports due Tuesday, May 5, by 11:59pm

*Refers to the numbered Assigned readings.