Homework 4

Due 29 October, 2014, in class. Reports in class, code via provide.

In this assignment you will explore using the Extended Kalman Filter for position tracking. Set up at least three obstacles in a large room and start the robot with an accurate map giving the locations and shapes of the obstacles, its starting position in the room, and the location of the goal. The robot should travel to a goal that's not reachable by a straight path.

You can find documentation on programming the robot here (also linked from the class links page). More documentation will be available shortly.

You may use 0.05 for α2 and α3, and 0.1 for α1 and α4 (and zero for the others). If you wish to determine the αs experimentally, you can do it for extra credit.

You should work on this project in teams and submit just one copy of the source code via

provide comp150pr hw4 filename

Each team member should submit an individual report, but you can share the map and data files.