COMP 150TSA - Time Series and Digital Audio

Fall 2009

Instructor: Anselm Blumer, Halligan 214, x73651 (617 627-3651 from off campus)
    ablumer at cs dot tufts dot edu

Texts: Brockwell and Davis: Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting, 2nd edition
    Springer, 2002

    Ken C. Pohlmann, Principles of Digital Audio, 5th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2005

Policy on collaboration: On homework exercises collaboration is allowed at the level of discussing ideas, but credit must be given to the other parties whether you gave or received help. A simple statement on the homework sheet, such as "I helped Don Knuth on problem 1." or "Alan Turing helped me with part c of problem 2." or "Grace Murray Hopper and I discussed the design of COBOL." will suffice. Copying or working out the details of assignments collaboratively is not allowed. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in severe disciplinary action for all parties involved. See the booklet "Academic Integrity" available from the Dean of Students' Office.

Late policy: Assignments are to be handed in as specified on the assignment page. 20% per weekday late will be deducted unless some other arrangement is agreed to before the due date.


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