COMP 150TSA Homework 2, due 24 September

Write a program to read an uncompressed audio file (AIFF for example) and smooth the samples by doing an n-point sliding window average on each channel. The window size should be a parameter specified on the command line or requested by the program. The output should be a sound file in the same format as the input, possibly n-1 samples shorter. The program should be well-documented internally, and the documentation should include your name and instructions on how to compile and run the program.

You can assume 16-bit stereo for the format, though you should verify that the input file is in this format. You can abort with an error message if it's not.

Submit the program using

provide comp150tsa hw1 progfile

by 11:30 PM on the due date.

A three-second AIFF file is located at ~ablumer/HR.aif