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In each sample sentence, please underline the grammatical subject, and please double-underline the main verb. Ideally, each is a single word, but you may sometimes find a two-word passive verb like “is eaten.” If you find a sentence containing multiple independent clauses, identify the other subjects and verbs with dotted lines. Do not mark subjects and verbs that appear in dependent (subordinate) clauses. If you’re not sure what the difference is, Google knows.

Note: This exercise is about the structure of each sentence, not about the importance of the words.

  1. A consideration of several different examples sheds new light on the problem of creating reliable, well-structured programs that behave efficiently.

  2. The dynamic nature of time-varying data demands novel solutions to analyze and visualize them

  3. Provided the new element is not already on the list, adding a new element is like cons.

  4. Finally, students want to be able to run their games on platforms other than the desktop, such as tablets and mobile phones; the ubiquity of browsers saves us from having to port Racket these platforms.

  5. Our working hypothesis for this part of the work is that some immunological (more specifically inflammatory pathways) or developmental functions will increase the chance that prematurely born neonates suffer from multiple prematurity complications.

  6. Ramkrishna and coworkers have also used the cybernetic modeling approach to model the diauxic growth of E.  coli on mixtures of glucose and organic acids such as pyruvate, succinate, and fumarate.

  7. Highly complex organisms and behaviors can arise from a surprisingly restricted set of existing gene families, by a tightly regulated network of interactions among the proteins encoded by the genes.

  8. If we want students to be able to explore computer science and engineering through music by leveraging their preexisting knowledge, then our learning environment design (including tools, curriculum, and teaching) needs to enable students to succeed even if they do not yet possess the skills that the facilitator displayed.

  9. The fundamental remark of Floyd is that to prove static properties of programs it is often sufficient to consider the sets of states associated with each program point.

  10. And you’ll discover that although proving theorems can be satisfying, you often develop more understanding from trying to prove something that isn’t true.

  11. The standard error formula for Aʹ requires multiple examples from each category for each student, which is infeasible in the small samples obtained for each student in our data labeling procedure.

  12. With the aid of modern techniques of computer image processing, precise alphabet fonts of early Brahmi scripts have been produced from photographic data of ancient Sri Lankan inscriptions.

  13. While computational modeling has gained a lot of traction in the science education community, researchers from the traditions of philosophy of science and epistemology have argued that the computational modeling process is an epistemologically complex process and that it has been understudied from the epistemological perspective.