Due Wednesday, February 15, at 11:59 PM.

Self-Assessment of Working Practices: Inefficiency and efficiency

The purpose of this homework is to help you assess, in a structured way, what may not be not working for you.

Write a short essay in the form of advice to your future self, addressing the following topics:

Your advice should serve two purposes:

As before, by “short” I am thinking one to three pages.


In this essay I am looking for more than just self-assessment based on contemporaneous observation. I want to see some insight or some self-understanding that will enable you to make progress. And I want you to recognize priorities: don’t just list things that happened; recognize the difference between minor impediments and things that are really getting in your way. Recognize the best, easiest ways to build on your current and past successes.

My primary evaluation of this essay will be formative: I will read what you have written and do my best to supplement your advice with my personalized, experienced advice about how to manage your difficulties and build on your successes.

I will also provide a summative assessment for a grade:

A+ I’m really impressed
A Plausible, balanced assessment that sets clear priorities consistent with your accomplishments and demeanor in class
A- The assessment reads like something plausible and sets clear priorities, but it is much more pessimistic or much more optimistic than is consistent with your accomplishments and demeanor in class
B I see evidence of effort, observation, and some understanding, but I can’t figure out what your priorities are.
C I see evidence of effort and observation, but not enough understanding of what’s happening.
F I do not see evidence of effort and observation.