Comp 250: Seminar in Computer Science

Brief Description:

The graduate handbook lists the following requirement for Ph.D. Students:
Consequently, each Ph.D. student is expected to enroll in the 1-credit Comp 250SCS for four semesters during the course of their degree program.


  • The regular weekly departmental seminar is held on Thursdays from 3:00-4:15pm in the J+R block in Halligan 102 and a typical semester has 14 weekly colloquia.
  • Therefore, each registered student needs to attend, sign the attendance sheet, and provide prompt feedback on 7 departmental colloquia (although we hope that folk will choose to attend more!):
  • With 24 hours after each colloquium that you attend, submit your feedback using Colloquium Feedback.
  • In some semesters, there are "special colloquia" on different days and at different times. The registered student is welcome to substitute any other colloquium listed in our official colloquium webpage in place of one in the standard Thursday 3pm slot.
  • Consult the list of colloquia for the current semester here: Current Semester Colloquium Schedule
  • The Colloquium Home Page is here -- click on the "Complete Listing" tab on the right for the pertinent semester: CS Colloquium Home Page


  • Students are responsible for attending and then providing thoughtful feedback within 24 hours using the Qualtrics Colloquium Feedback Survey for a minimum of 7 colloquia in a given semester.

    Prof. Diane L. Souvaine, Director of Graduate Studies: email

    Ms. CJ Cassidy, Graduate Program Coordinator: email )