Machine Structure and Assembly-Language Programming
Tufts University
Fall 2011

Time and Place: G+ Block (MW 1:30-2:45), Halligan 111A
Lab: Friday 1:30-2:45, Halligan 120
Lab office hours: Sunday 7pm–9pm, Monday through Thursday 7pm–9pm, Friday after lab 3:00pm–5:00pm.
When students are present, evening office hours will be extended to 10pm.
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Course Staff

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Instructor: Norman Ramsey, Halligan E006
Office hours Mon 3:30–4:30 and Thu 2:00–3:00.
Head Grader and Lab Instructor: Eli Brown
Design Grader: Garth Griffin
Teaching Assistants: Greg Bodwin
Office hours Weds 7–9PM and Thurs 7–9PM
Adrienne Dreyfus
Office hours Sun 7–9PM and Weds 7–9PM
Hawk Glazier
Office hours Tues 7–9PM and Fri 2:45–5PM
Amanda Hay
Office hours Sun 7–9PM and Thurs 7–9PM
Marshall Moutenot
Office hours Mon 7–9PM and Tues 7–9PM
Josh Pearl
Office hours Mon 7–9PM
Pair-Programming Instructors: Ari Kobren
Meeting time Tuesday 7–9 PM
Norman Ramsey
Meeting time Wednesday 7–9 PM
Jesse Welch
Meeting time Monday 7–9 PM

What's this class about and why am I taking it?

COMP 40 presents the hardware foundation on which software is built. We require all students to study computation at the machine level because When you master the material in COMP 40,

Should I actually buy the books?

Not everyone can afford to buy all the books required for the course, and some people just don't like to spend money on books. No one plan works for everyone, but here's what I believe:

COMP 40 is a time-intensive course. Books that save you time are worth the money.

How can I find out more?

Course admin and course materials

Technical information

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