Halligan Helper*: Student Guide

Our CS 40 office hours will take place on the 2nd floor of the Cummings Center, and be coordinated using a terminal-based queuing system. If you and your partner need help from a TA you will need to:
  1. Be in the Cummings Center
  2. ssh into the Halligan servers
From there, you can use the following commands to join, leave, and check the state of the queue. You can also verify which TAs are currently on duty. Our on-duty TAs will typically be in or around the labs on the first floor. You will need to have entered the “use cs40” command, or have added it to your .cshrc profile in order to use this system.

Halligan Helper Commands

halligan40 on_duty
A TA schedule will be posted to Piazza every week, along with any necessary modifications. The on duty command allows you to check which TAs are on duty in any given moment.

halligan40 check_queue
This command lists the current state of the queue. It will also list your location and partner info for you to verify beforeyou reach the top of the queue. When you reach the top of the queue, a TA will remove your name from the list and come to find you at the location you've specified.

halligan40 join_queue
This command will add you and your partner to the queue. It will prompt you to supply your location and the name of your partner. You can add a qualifying detail if you'd like, such as "room 235 lab, green shirt" or "5th floor kitchen, blond hair," but don't be weird about it. You can also re-run the join queue command if you need to update your location or partner info without losing your spot in the queue.

halligan40 leave_queue
This command will remove you to the queue. Please remember to leave the queue if you are leaving Halligan. In general, we will be clearing out the queue before the first shift of office hours every day.

*The name Halligan harks back to when the department was in Halligan Hall.