Fall 2016 Course Descriptions

COMP 50-06 Introduction to the Internet of Things

S. Hassoun, M. Hempstead
MW 10:30-11:45, Halligan Hall 102
E+ Block

The pervasive and ubiquitous presence of a variety of smart and connected things or objects – such as microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, mobile phones, etc. – has given rise to the new and complex concept, The Internet of Things (IoT). IoT promises to play a central role in smart cities, health tech, retail, home, supply chain, wearables, transportation and other domains. By 2020, the world will have 50 Billion such connected devices, and IoT is expected to contribute more than $7 trillion to the world economy. Industry leaders are looking for skilled engineers that have the breadth of skills---from embedded programing, computer networking, cloud computing and analytics---to design and implement next generation IoT systems.

Prerequisite: Undergraduates must have taken at least COMP 15 and ES 4 to sign up for the undergraduate version of the course COMP 50 or EE 93. You may register for COMP 150 or EE 193 only if you have graduate standing, or have been accepted into the BS/MS program.

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