Fall 2020 Course Descriptions

COMP 151-01 Principles of Internet Communication

F. Dogar
MW 10:30-11:45, Online (synchronous)
E+ Block

This course focuses on three aspects of the Internet: how it works (design of key protocols and applications), why it works like that (design trade-offs and alternate solutions), and how can you make it better (proposals to make the Internet better). A major emphasis will be on the basic performance and engineering tradeoffs underlying the design of the Internet. Topics to be covered include: networked applications (e.g., web, p2p), reliability, congestion and flow control, routing, addressing, naming, wireless, security, and new Internet architectures. We will also cover several classic and recent research papers in networking.

Prerequisite: This course should be accessible to anyone with some background in CS and programming -- the recommended pre-requisite is COMP-15. Also note that this course shares its lectures and exams with COMP 112 - Networking; the only difference is in the programming assignments/projects. Students should only enroll in one of these two courses.

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