Fall 2021 Course Descriptions

CS 146-01 Computer Engineering with Lab

M. Hempstead
MW 1:30-2:45, Halligan Hall 111A
G+ Block

(Cross-listed w/ EE 126.) This course teaches advanced concepts of modern computer architecture, starting from the basic 5-stage pipelines and progressing to out-of-order superscalar processors. This course introduces the techniques used to maximize single-thread performance within the constraints of memory technology, power consumption, and the inherent instruction-level parallelism of applications. Students will also gain hands on hardware experience by implementing a 5-stage MIPS processor in VHDL. Recommendations: EE 14 or COMP 40; and ES4.

Prerequisite: ES4 and either EE14 or COMP 40 with a ā€˜Cā€™ or better

This course assumes that undergraduate students have taken an undergraduate-level introduction to assembly programming (EE14 or COMP40) and are also proficient in digital logic design (ES4 recommended). In addition, this course (EE 126/COMP 46) will be required to take Advanced Computer Architecture (EE 156 and COMP 140) which is typically offered in the spring semester.

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