Fall 2022 Course Descriptions

CS 11-02G Introduction to Computer Science

R. Townsend
TR 10:30-11:45, Joyce Cummings Center 270
D+ Block

The study of computer science centers on two complementary aspects of the discipline. First, computer science is fundamentally concerned with the problem-solving methodologies it derives from its foundational fields: the design principles of engineering, mathematical theory, and scientific empirical study. Second, these methodologies are applied in the complex context of a modern day computing system. In this course we will address both of these important aspects. As a means for developing your design skills, we will discuss the fundamental features of a high level, general purpose programming language -- namely C++-- and learn how to use it as a tool for problem solving. We will also consider the performance of solutions, and how to apply both analytical and empirical assessment techniques. Finally, we will explore the Unix operating system as a context for problem solving. (Additional 2 hr weekly lab time scheduled at first class meeting.)

Recommendations: High school algebra. No prior programming experience is necessary.

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