Fall 2022 Course Descriptions

CS 184-01G Cyberlaw and Cyberpolicy

S. Landau
TR 3:00-4:15, Halligan Hall 111B
K+ Block

This course is an introduction to the legal issues of cyberspace. Legal issues in this domain are complex. Technology has been evolving faster than the law's ability to handle the changes, so partially this course will be an education in the legislating and policy making of moving targets. It will also be an education in jurisdiction, privacy, surveillance, and copyright as it relates to the Internet. The perspective will be from US law and jurisprudence, although there will be periodic forays into international issues. Topics covered will include cyberlaw and cybergovernance, the Digital Revolution and its impact on First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment issues, copyright in the Digital Age, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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