Fall 2022 Course Descriptions

CS 4-01 Teaching Computer Science

M. Monroe
R 4:30-7:30p, Joyce Cummings Center 265

This course will prepare undergraduates to function effectively and efficiently as undergraduate teaching assistants. Through this course, students will learn pedagogical techniques that match learner needs; discuss ethical and social concerns that UTAs face in the course of a semester; and problem solve together issues that arise as teaching assistants. This course is designed in a learner centered model requiring your active and engaged participation. Through your willingness to share your experiences and expertise and your collaboration with your fellow UTA we will together construct meaningful solutions to difficulty situations. Faculty from Computer Science will participate in some of the sessions as co-facilitators. Students will be expected to complete short readings; keep a reflective blog of your learning as a teacher; give a short final presentation on a topic of interest that you want to explore in more depth to help you in your TA class.

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