Fall 2023 Course Descriptions

CS 40-01 Machine Structure & Assembly-Language Programming

M. Sheldon
TR 3:00-4:15, Room To Be Announced
J+ Block

In COMP 40, you will learn about both high-level programming design principles and the low-level structure of computing machines. Design strategies will focus on modularity, abstraction, and separation of interface from implementation. The following topics on machine structure are covered: memory, caches, registers, machine arithmetic, and bitwise operations. We will also investigate the structure of assembly code, relocatable object code, binary machine code, and the translations between them. You will gain a deep understanding of all of these concepts via large-scale, realistic programming projects.

Mandatory lab will be held Fridays: sign up in SIS.

See https://engineering.tufts.edu/cs/current-students/undergraduate/high-demand-enrollment for the form required to get approval to enroll in this class.

Prerequisite: COMP 15.

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