Fall 2023 Course Descriptions

EN 1-04 The Craft of Computer Science

S. Hassoun
MW 3:00-4:15, Joyce Cummings Center 610
I+ Block

While it might be obvious why we need research in biology or history, Computer Science research is necessary to reinvent the field and to drive discoveries across many disciplines. This course will teach you the foundations of research. Students will work with a faculty mentor and a student group on a research project. Research topics include machine learning, computer security, quantum computing, human-robotics interaction, computational biology, computational geometry, and others. The course will cover topics including identifying and formulating research problems, reading and evaluating research papers, literature searching, self-guided learning, designing research studies, and data analysis. Students will practice working in a team, goal setting, activity logging, and communicating with others. This is a non-coding class. No prior coding or CS experience is required. Student groups are expected to develop a research proposal by the end of the semester and to be well-prepared to participate in future Computer Science research experiences.

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