Fall 2023 Course Descriptions

EN 1-18 Exploring Computer Science

D. Souvaine
MW 3:00-4:15, Anderson Hall 112
I+ Block

How does one translate a strategy written in English into executable computer code written in the C++ programming language or some other high-level language? How does one evaluate two different strategies for solving the same problem? What sorts of problems are solved well by computers? How can the solutions be displayed graphically? This course is intended for those who have NO programming experience. This sampling of various topics within the field of computer science will give the student a taste of the broader spectrum that constitutes computer science. The course will include a general introduction to the field of computer science, to the emacs editor, to the C++ programming language, and to the Linux operating system.

Prerequisite: A sincere interest in learning more about computer science and NO prior programming experience.

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