Spring 2018 Course Descriptions

COMP 250-01 Privacy in the Digital Age

S. Landau
T 3:20-5:20p, Room To Be Announced

This module will provide an introduction to the threats to and protections for privacy in the digital age, examining public and private sector threats, and looking at issues from an international point of view. Topics to be covered include privacy threat models, location tracking and first and third party collection by private parties, government threats to privacy, and privacy protective technologies. No programming background needed, but a willingness and interest to play with digital tools is required.

This course is cross listed in Computer Science, but their primary home is Fletcher. That means it will be taught on the Fletcher academic calendar. It is limited enrollment (thirty students), with half the enrollment from Fletcher and half from AS&E. Students from AS&E admitted by permission of the instructor, with preference for students majoring in computer science and/or political science/IR. If you would like to take Privacy in the Digital Age, please send a paragraph to Professor Susan Landau, susan.landau@tufts.edu, explaining your interest in the course and your background. You'll be informed of admittance on November 21.

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