Spring 2021 Course Descriptions

COMP 151-02 Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation

P. Love
TR 12:00-1:15, Online
F+ Block

This class will provide a first introduction to quantum information and quantum computation. This is a field that is rapidly advancing, with quantum computers with 50-100 noisy qubits expected to appear in the next five years.

The class is aimed at students from Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics with sufficient mathematical background. The class will introduce the basic ideas of quantum information and computation: qubits, quantum gates, measurements and simple quantum algorithms. We will cover the no-cloning theorem, quantum cryptography, super-dense coding, teleportation, and, Grovers search. We will also describe the leading hardware implementations of quantum computing – superconducting qubits, ion trap qubits and photonic qubits. The class will include some programming of a simulated quantum computer.

Prerequisite: Math 70 or 72 or consent of instructor.

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