Spring 2022 Course Descriptions

CS 150-03 Epistemic Planning

D. Buckingham
TR 4:30-5:45p, Joyce Cummings Center 140
L+ Block

This course is intended for students of computer science, mathematics, philosophy, or similar fields who are interested in automated logic-based deliberation. Course work will involve reading research papers, written assignments, and implementing computational techniques. Participants should know how to program.

Automated task planning involves determining what actions should be performed in order to achieve some goal within a task environment. Epistemic Planning involves not only objective facts about the environment, but also the beliefs and knowledge of agents within that environment. Instead of simply trying to determine "how do I get to the cafeteria?", one considers problems such as "how do I determine which cafeteria has pizza, and then get to that cafeteria, while also making sure that my friend knows where I'm going"?

Epistemic Planning has emerged mainly from the intersection of three fields: Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, and Automated Planning. We will develop a foundational background in these topics and then study the development of Epistemic Planning techniques over the last approximately ten years.

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