Spring 2023 Course Descriptions

CS 121-M1 Software Engineering

R. Simmons
T 6:00p-7:30p, Online (synchronous)

Software engineering is an engineered discipline in which the aim is the production of software products, delivered on time and within a set budget, that satisfies the client’s needs. It covers all aspects of software production ranging from the early stage of product concept to design and implementation to post-delivery maintenance. This course covers the major concepts and techniques of software engineering including understanding system requirements, finding appropriate engineering compromises, effective methods of design, coding, and testing, team software development, and the application of engineering tools so that students can prepare for their future careers as software engineers. The course will combine a strong technical focus with a project providing the opportunity to obtain hands-on experiences on entire phases and workflow of the software process.

Prerequisite: COMP 40, graduate standing, or instructor consent.

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