Spring 2023 Course Descriptions

CS 150-03 HCI for Disability

E. Short
TR 4:30-5:45p, Joyce Cummings Center 280
L+ Block

This is a graduate-level course for research-oriented students (including seniors and MS students who are considering research careers). Through readings, discussion, and a substantial course project we will explore the variety of ways that the human-computer interaction (HCI) research community has addressed the needs of disabled users, both from the perspective of assistive technology, which develops tech to support disabled people in their daily lives, and from the perspective of accessibility, which considers how disabled people can access computers and computing technologies. We will read and discuss academic papers from the HCI community (especially papers from ASSETS and CHI) in parallel with personal narratives from disabled people themselves and readings from the disability studies literature.

By the end of the course, students will:

  • be familiar with core themes of disability studies and the disability justice movement as they relate to HCI.
  • understand key considerations of HCI research with and for disabled people.
  • be familiar with a variety of papers in HCI relating to accessibility and assistive technology across a wide range of intended user populations.
  • learn to engage critically with the HCI literature from both a technical and disability studies perspective.
  • complete an HCI research project relating to accessibility or assistive technology.
The final grade will be based on performance on the project and project milestones, as well as discussion of readings, including leading discussion. Participation in most class discussions and substantial amounts of reading and writing are key components of this iteration of the class.

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