Spring 2023 Course Descriptions

CS 150-04 Cryptography

D. Wittenberg
TR 6:00p-7:15p, Joyce Cummings Center 260
N+ Block

This is an introduction to cryptography, starting with the first ciphers, and leading up to present day issues. We will discuss how codes and ciphers work, and how they can be broken. We will cover both Private key (Symmetric) and Public Key (Asymmetric) cryptography. Topics include: cryptographic protocols using block ciphers. Methods for key exchange, hashing, message authentication, and digital signatures. Cryptographic protocols regarding secret sharing and digital cash. We will use a mathematical approach to prove properties about the crypto systems we study.

Prerequisite: Requirements: completion of COMP 15 and COMP/MATH 61, or grad standing. Recommendations: Comp 160, or Comp 170, or any 100 level Math course

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