Spring 2023 Course Descriptions

CS 178-01 Visual Analytics

R. Chang
TR 12:00-1:15, Joyce Cummings Center 170
F+ Block

Visual analytics is the science of combining interactive visual interfaces with automatic data science, machine learning, and AI algorithms to support analytical reasoning. Modern visual analytics tools help users synthesize information and derive insight from large, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data, and to communicate their findings effectively for decision-making. This course will serve as an introduction to the topic of visual analytics that will include lectures on both theoretical foundations and application methodologies. The goals of this course are for students to: (1) learn about using visual analytics tools (e.g. Tableau), (2) become proficient in generating visualizations within popular data science tools (e.g. R, Python and scikit-learn), (3) develop their own visual analytics tools (in Javascript and D3), and (4) design evaluation methods to assess the effectiveness of these tools.

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