Spring 2023 Course Descriptions

DS 153-02 Trust in Human-Robot Interaction

T. Law
MW 4:30-5:45p, Anderson Hall 112
K+ Block

This class takes a cognitive science-focused look at how humans trust robots. We'll start by defining trust as it relates to robots (and compared to humans or other technology), and throughout the semester cover topics such as: what factors affect different types of trust, how do we measure trust both subjectively and behaviorally, what may happen if a robot is over trusted or under trusted, how can we model trust computationally, and what ethical issues can be tangled up with trying to build a trustworthy system. This will be a primarily discussion-based class, and the main class project will be to come up with a research project about trust in human-robot interaction and implement it in a human-robot interaction system.

Prerequisite: Completion of CS 133 recommended

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