Spring 2024 Course Descriptions

CS 150-03 Theoretical CompSci Toolkit

V. Podolskii
TR 12:00-1:15, Room To Be Announced
F+ Block

In this course, we will explore various methods and techniques that are useful in various areas of computation theory. We will see how combinatorial and probabilistic technique, polynomial approach, Fourier analysis and linear algebraic technique can be applied to solve various problems in theoretical computer science. We will illustrate the techniques by the examples in theory of algorithms, computational complexity, learning theory, property testing and other areas.

Prerequisite: Prior completion of CS 61 or graduate standing.

Recommendations: CS 170 or equivalent is highly recommended, but is not required. CS 160 or equivalent would be helpful, but is not necessary. MATH 70 (Linear algebra) is recommended to have prior to this course, but this is not a prerequisite.

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