Summer 2021 Course Descriptions

COMP 150-B Algorithms and Data Structures 2

G. Aloupis
MTWRF 12:00a-12:00a, Online

This course offers an opportunity to expand your knowledge on various topics involving algorithms, data structures and graphs. Often these topics are intertwined; e.g., to create efficient algorithms, it may be useful to design data structures or use existing ones. We will cover a range of topics, such as path approximation, spanners, network flow, linear programming, all-pairs shortest paths, near-planarity, Fibonacci heaps and Quake heaps, balanced trees (Splay, WAVL, Scapegoat, BB-alpha), skip lists, fractional cascading, high-dimensional range counting, graph coloring, the probabilistic method, string matching, etc. These are topics that are useful to know, as one prepares for advanced interviews and/or further graduate work. As an elective, this course will aim to let each student focus more on topics that they are interested in. Evaluation will be primarily based on participation and a project.

Prerequisite: Completion of COMP 160 or permission of instructor.

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