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Web Services: Filling in the Gaps
Authors: Newman, Howard
Date:November 2004
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Many professionals hail web services as the next wave in distributed computing and claim that this new distributed technology will profoundly affect the way organizations do business in the coming years. Web services is a service-oriented architecture; its most compelling benefits are that it promotes interoperability and is based on open standards. However, web services must be improved if it is to prove reliable, flexible, and maintainable in todays complex, heterogeneous computing environments. Some core, enabling technologies are lacking important features that can be found elsewhere or are extremely important either in distributed or component-based computing. Several improvement suggestions are offered and each suggestion is discussed at length to reinforce its importance in a service-oriented architecture. The core, enabling technologies of web services are then examined to determine how these suggestions can be leveraged by the web services architecture. Areas of improvement focus on failure management, event notification, service registration, and interface descriptions. A discussion is also offered on how web services can be combined with other distributed technologies.

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