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Tangible Video Editor: Designing for Collaboration, Exploration, and Engagement
Authors: Zigelbaum, Jamie; Horn, Michael; Shaer, Orit; Jacob, Robert J.K.
Date:December 2005
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This paper introduces the Tangible Video Editor (TVE), a tangible interface for editing sequences of digital video clips. The TVE features multiple handheld computers embedded in specialized cases. It can be used on any surface under normal lighting conditions without the need for an augmented surface, computer vision system, or video projector. We aim the Tangible Video Editor for use in educational and community settings. Hence, we designed it to engage users in a collaborative editing experience and to encourage the exploration of narrative ideas. We evaluated our design using a comparative study that involved 36 participants using the Tangible Video Editor and a standard GUI-based, non-linear video editor.

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