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User Interface Description Languages for Next Generation User Interfaces
Authors: Shaer, Orit; Jacob, Robert J.K.; Green, Mark; Luyten, Kris
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In recent years HCI researchers have developed a broad range of new interfaces that diverge from the "window, icon, menu, pointing device" (WIMP) paradigm, employing a variety of novel interaction techniques and devices. Developers of these next generation user interfaces face challenges that are currently not addressed by state of the art user interface software tools. As part of the user interface software community’s effort to address these challenges, the concept of a User Interface Description Language (UIDL), reemerge as a promising approach. To date, the UIDL research area has demonstrated extensive development, mainly targeting multi-platform and multi-modal user interfaces. However, many open questions remain regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of UIDLs in supporting the development of next generation interfaces. The aim of this workshop is to bring together both developers of next generation user interfaces and UIDL researchers in an effort to identify key challenges facing this community, to jointly develop new approaches aimed at solving these challenges and finally to consider future spaces for UIDL research.

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