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What is the Next Generation of Human-Computer Interaction?
CHI 2006 Workshop

Welcome to the workshop on "What is the Next Generation of Human-Computer Interaction?" held on Sunday, April 23, 2006, at CHI 2006 in Montreal.

This website provides information for participants as well as an archive of position papers, presentation slides, and other information about the workshop.


Is there an emerging next generation of human-computer interaction or simply "a thousand points of light" of disparate and unrelated new developments? This workshop will bring together researchers in a range of emerging new areas of HCI to look for common ground and a common understanding of a next generation of interfaces, after the command-line and GUI generations. Key research areas include:

  • virtual and augmented reality;
  • ubiquitous, pervasive, and handheld interaction;
  • tangible interfaces;
  • lightweight, tacit, passive, or non-command interaction;
  • perceptual interfaces;
  • affective computing;
  • context-aware interfaces;
  • ambient interfaces;
  • embodied interfaces;
  • sensing interfaces;
  • and speech and multi-modal interfaces.

We seek to tie them together intellectually with unifying ideas, frameworks, and theories that provide common ground for discussing, analyzing, connecting, inventing, comparing, and making predictions about emerging new interaction styles and interface designs as well as to identify gaps or opportunities for a future research agenda from holes or "sweet spots" in a new taxonomy. To start discussion concretely, we will use the notion of reality-based interfaces, which focuses on the ways interfaces draw strength from exploiting users' pre-existing skills and expectations from the real world.

Participants, Papers, Slides • Participants list, with links to their papers and presentation slides

Proceedings • Proceedings, containing all the papers in one file [14M PDF]
• Also available as: Technical Report 2006-3, Department of Computer Science, Tufts University, Medford, Mass.
• Article from ACM interactions magazine

Handouts, Schedules • Questions to think about for the workshop
• Workshop schedule
• Order of speakers
• Breakout groups
• Information and homework for participants

More Information • Discussion forum (open to anyone who is interested, not just workshop participants)
• Workshop abstract [PDF] [HTML]
• Original workshop proposal [PDF] [HTML]
• CHI 2006 main website
• Reality-based interaction [project] [older project webpage]

With thanks to

We thank our collaborators Andrew Afram, Eric Bahna, Georgios Christou, Audrey Girouard, Michael Horn, Leanne Miller, Michael Poor, Orit Shaer, Erin Treacy, Larissa Winey, and Jamie Zigelbaum of the Computer Science Department at Tufts as well as Caroline Cao and Holly Taylor of Tufts, Leonidas Deligiannidis of University of Georgia, Frank Ritter of Penn State University, and Hiroshi Ishii and Sile O'Modhrain of the MIT Media Lab.

And we thank the National Science Foundation for support for our research project on this topic (NSF grant IIS-0414389).


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Montréal, Québec, Canada   23 April 2006   CHI2006