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The C-- Language Reference Manual

Simon Peyton Jones, Thomas Nordin, Dino Oliva, and Pablo Nogueira Iglesias

The C-- Manual of May 23, 1999. C-- is a portable assembly language designed to be a good backend for high level languages (particularly for those that make use of garbage-collection) and to run fast on a number of todays major computer architectures. It is also designed to have as few dependencies as possible on the underlying hardware, but speed and ease of use has sometimes taken precedence over orthogonality and minimality. C-- should be rich enough to be a viable backend for most mainstream and research compilers.

This paper should be sufficiently self-supporting so that anyone who knows an imperative language and is acquainted with computers should be able to write her/his own C-- programs after reading this document.

Download the manual in PDF format. There is also an HTML version, but this unfortunately does not contain the grammar as we could not translate it from LaTeX to HTML.

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