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The Quick C-- Compiler

C-- is intended as a ``portable assembly language'' that can replace C as a target language used by compiler writers. The goal of the Quick C-- project is to test those ideas in an implementation. Quick C-- is a relatively small compiler with a few simple optimizations. Our primary goal is to to validate our design experimentally. A secondary, but still significant goal is to provide a vehicle for experimenting with new techniques for building retargetable compilers. The compiler is
  1. Easy to specialize, say for a new calling convention
  2. Relatively easy to retarget to the platform of choice, although this aspect still needs work.

Compiler status

The Quick C-- compiler

Features that we don't currently support but hope to add later include

Compiler Source Code

The source code of QC-- is available as a snapshot from our CVS repository. You can get it from our rsync server, which has many capabilities, including get a recent tarball, browse the source code, or read the CVS change log.

Quick C-- has been supported gifts from Microsoft Research and from Intel Research as well as grants from the National Science Foundation. The results of our research on Quick C-- may be used freely by anyone for any purpose.

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