Perl scripts for garbage-collection experiments

Alex Kulesza '04 graciously provided some Perl scripts to simplify running collectors and graphing rules. The three scripts are run-test, filter, and set-gamma. You should use run-test; it calls the others. It takes 8 parameters, which it will describe briefly if you run it with any other number:
interp interpreter to test (uscheme-copy)
y-min minimum gamma (2)
y-max maximum gamma (4)
delta-y gamma increment (.02)
testname program to run (mergetest)
param test parameter (array size)
symbol graph symbol (circle)
fill graph fill (1)

The set-gamma script generates the program to be executed, which is just a

(val &gamma-desired xx)
stuck on the front of the test. The filter script takes the output from the interpreter and extracts the relevant number. The run-test script just calls these things in a loop and spits out a jgraph-compatible unit.