Expectations for CS152 garbage collector

We divided the problem into stages to help you pace yourself; the stages don't carry equal weight for grading. The second and third stages carry approximately the same weight, and together they account for the bulk of your grade. Stage 4 will account for a small part of your grade.

Your explanation of your solution to this assignment is most important and will count for approximately half your grade. Although we do not require that you do so, you may find it advisable to use TeX, Frame, Word, WordPerfect, or a similar program to prepare a PostScript README file.

For stages 2 and 3 we expect your written explanation to include:

In addition to checking your code and your explanation, we will test your dump-stack primitive and your garbage collector on a variety of inputs.

For stage 4, we will check your implementation to see that you have provided the measurements called for in the problem statement, but the bulk of your grade will be based on your explanation. Your explanation should cover two points: