I've Got A Secret

Susan Zivich

Miss Baer arrived at Dyer High School one morning with an exciting secret -- she was engaged. During the morning coffee break she shared her secret with Greg and the Chemistry teacher. At lunch, these two each told two other people. And during their afternoon coffee break, the four people who had heard the secret at lunch each told two others. With that, all 14 of Miss Baer's fellow teachers -- who themselves formed seven married couples -- knew about her engagement. From the following clues, can you determine each teachers' full name, the subject each teacher teaches, and who told whom of Miss Baer's engagement?


  1. Each person who shared the secret told one man and one woman, though no one told his or her spouse or another member of his or her own department.
  2. Although no department is all male or all female, no one is in the same department as his or her spouse.
  3. Jon, who heard the secret from a woman, told Mr. Lotak and the Literature teacher.
  4. Carol and one of the Science teachers heard the secret from the same person.
  5. The Spanish teacher, who heard the secret from Sally, told Dick and the Geometry teacher.
  6. Steve, Mr. Martin, and Mary are all members of the same department.
  7. Bill teaches German.
  8. Paul's wife told Mr. Lee.
  9. Gail, who heard the secret from a man, told Mrs. Wiseman and the Creative Writing teacher.
  10. Carol's husband teaches Poetry.
  11. Mrs. Lotak teachers Botany.
  12. Marcia told Mrs. Fedirka.
  13. Paul is the only man in the Art department.
  14. Debbie is the youngest of the 15 teachers.
  15. Mr. Redeagle teaches Algebra.
  16. The French teacher's husband teaches Calculus.
  17. Mr. Schwartz, who heard the secret from one of the Mathematics teachers, told Mrs. Lee and the Sculpture teacher.
  18. Marge teaches Ceramics.
  19. Al and Patrice are married.
  20. The departments and subjects taught are as follows:
    Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture;
    Creative Writing, Literature, Poetry;
    French, German, Spanish;
    Algebra, Calculus, Geometry;
    Biology, Botany, Chemistry.