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You may notice some of the images don't look so good. On Saturday, December 13, 1997, a careless maintenance man left a valve open on the chillers that cool the building where I was teaching at UVa. One result was that my office ceiling rained coolant. The flood destroyed a number of books and damaged many postcards.

The rooftops of Yverdon-les-Bains, from Jean-Bernard Addor

Ocean Shores, Washington, from Mary Bos

Canberra, Australia, from Ian Barnes at ANU.

Jean-François Blavier sent this postcard from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Brannon sent this postcard from---do you have to be told?---Los Angeles.

The Bull Terrier Pub, in Somerset, from Bernard Treves Brown, who assures me that the pub serves good food and good ale.

Cable car to Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from ``Carlos''

John Casey sent this Dutch postcard.

University of Southampton, from Joe J. Collins.

Hong Kong, from Cristina Cifuentes

The Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, from Kaelin Colclaesure

D. Cope of Utah types with his feet.

János Csirik lives inside an alarm clock

Antibes, on the spectacular Côte D'Azur, from Sylvan Dissoubray

Sondrio, from Gianluca Della Vedova, who writes that Noweb greatly simplified working on all his projects

Medieval churches of Dortmund, from Johannes Derwisch

A spectacular view of Anchorage, Alaska, from F. G. Dowding.

A cafe in Grenoble, from Dominique Dumont

Drawing Hands by M. C. Escher, from Mark Eichin

A Canadian Fishery, from Geoff Evans

Porto, source of port wine, from Miguel Filgueiras. These boats carry the wine.

Burgos, from Roberto Fraile

Buffalo, New York, from Marc Frank. Marc warned me that Buffalo was a dismally ugly city.

The infamous ``pjw water tower'' at Murray Hill, from Eric Grosse.

The market at Wageningen, in Holland, from Marc Hoffmann

Wales, from Chris Jobling

A very Oregonian view of Mount Hood, from Bob Johnson, who plans to recruit more users.

Roland Kaufmann sent this classic view of Holland.

The Bernina Express in Switzerland, from Simon Klyne. I was really sorry this one got so badly damaged; it is a really cool picture of a train twisting through a mountain.

Le Pont Marius Gontard, in Grenoble, from Rafael Laboissiere

Iowa State Memorial Union, from Gary Leavens

Francky Leyn sent this excellent mascot of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. I imagine this as a student pouring knowledge into his head. Francky has good taste in stamps, too.

Grenoble at sunset, from Florence Maraninchi and Nicolas Halbwachs

Le Mont Blanc, from Florence Maraninchi and Nicolas Halbwachs

Austin, Texas, from Robert McLay

Aunt Marion, from Yotam Medini

Rio di Janeiro, from Helcio Mello

Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, D.C., from Phil Miller, purveyor of DOS binaries.

Gent, from Steven Ooms

A view of Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, Australia, from the Millaa Millaa Lookout. Sent by Mark Pappin. This card escaped the flood, but somehow it got rained on before it reached me.

Hamilton Park, Jersey City, from Lewis Perin

An odd piece of sculpture in Austria, from Albert Reiner.

Four views of Bielefeld, Germany, from Sven Rixen

Scenes of Israel, from Aharon (formerly Arnold) Robbins.

Hiromitsu Shirakawa sent a collector's set from Okinawa. Our scanner became exhausted after 10 cards.

The United States Air Force Museum, from Cameron Smith. Cameron must have liked Noweb a lot, because he sent four cards.

The Dayton Art Institute, from Cameron Smith

Greetings from Ohio, the Buckeye State, from Cameron Smith

The Twilight Beaty of Picturesque Downtown Dayton, Ohio, from Cameron Smith. I am not making this up.

Portugal, from Alexandre Valente Sousa, author of DotNoweb.

Historic Exeter, from Ancheas Stirnemann

Xanthi, Greece (HELLAS), from Apostolos Syropoulos.

Only a few parts of Florida, where Rollins Turner is contributing to the revolution, actually look like this.

A map of Oregon, from Allan Vermeulen at Rogue Wave Software. Allan was kind enough to highlight Corvallis so I can find Rogue Wave when I visit Oregon.

Oriental Bay, New Zealand, from Tony Vignaux. Tony can see this bay from his office (but from the other side of the harbor).

This one, from Emil Volcheck, was nearly destroyed in the flood. It was an Art-Deco treatment of the Bromo Seltzer clock in Baltimore, which was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.

Bill Wilder thinks I should eat more beans.

Bin Wu provided this view of ``An afternoon spring on Canterbury Plains. A strong westerly wind is blowing and the light is very bright.''

Fajardo Beach, Puerto Rico, from Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga

A correspondent who wished to remain anonymous sent these two views of Jinling, China

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