Noweb at a small software house

Carl Gregory has using noweb since 1993 at Tipton Cole & Company, primarily for continuing applications in Paradox for DOS, Microsoft Access, Visual BASIC, and HTML, all running under Windows 95. He edits the noweb file while viewing the weave with DVIWIN in another window, which works quite nicely. He writes:
We are currently starting developments in two sublimely disparate systems, Eiffel and ABAP/4. I have built a noweb template for Eiffel and will be starting one for ABAP in the next couple of weeks.

noweb is both a common editing environment for all these various languages, and a fundamental design tool. I rely quite heavily on conditional tangling (with nocond) to produce testing and production versions of the same code; it has effectively eliminated earlier problems where subtle alterations could occur after testing and the production code wasn't actually the same as what had cleared the tests.

I also rely on the ability to implant stream-of-consciousness descriptions into the code. Far better than in-line comments, these off-the-cuff chats I have with the page about what I'm thinking turn out to be a major factor in getting up to speed when returning to code after an absence.

While I often use some portion, or all, of the weaves for communication with clients and colleagues, I continue to remind other programmers that the major benefit I derive from noweb is in design, not as some "extra" layer of documentation.