Quick C--

``Bringing you compiler technology that is well understood, but difficult to implement''

C-- is intended as a ``portable assembly language'' that can replace C as a target language used by compiler writers. After long hard labor, Simon Peyton Jones and Norman Ramsey have produced a design that supports a simple C-like core, plus support for garbage collection and exception handling. The goal of the Quick C-- project is to test those ideas in an implementation, which Ramsey is working on with Christian Lindig.

Why another C-- compiler?

To realize our dream for C--, a useful next step will be a simple, nonoptimizing compiler that supports the run-time interface. Our primary goal is to to validate our design experimentally. A secondary, but still significant goal is to provide a vehicle for experimenting with new techniques for building retargetable compilers.

These goals push us toward certain points in the design space.

These criteria suggest some implementation choices:

Quick C-- is supported by a generous gift from Microsoft Research.

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