Several changes are underway, and I thought our users would like to know what is happening.

Toolkit news for September, 1996

Mary Fernandez now has full-time responsibilities at AT&T, which means she has very little time to devote to the toolkit. Mary will continue to help maintain the toolkit, but unfortunately she will not be able to be involved in new development to the extent that she would like.

I (Norman Ramsey) have moved from Purdue to the University of Virginia, where I am Research Assistant Professor in the Deparment of Computer Science. My primary responsibility is my work on the Zephyr project; we are working with Princeton, Stanford, and others to build a National Compiler Infrastructure. I expect to focus on machine descriptions, including writing tools to process them, and I expect the toolkit work to dovetail nicely with Zephyr.

The toolkit's home page has moved with me; it is now at The contact address for questions and problems continues to be, and for now I intend to maintain the toolkit-interest and toolkit-users mailing lists at Purdue.

Name that language!

Mary and I would like to give the ``toolkit specification language'' a real name. We have a couple of ideas but no great ones, and we hope maybe you all will have better ones. Here's what we're hoping for: Send suggestions to

Software news

In May I made several small changes and extensions to the toolkit, including I have not taken the time to build another official release, but if you think you need these fixes or extensions, send me mail.

The big news is that work on version 1.0 is on underway. Thanks to many interesting discussions with members of Dave MacQueen's group at Bell Labs, I have a plan for re-implementing the toolkit in Standard ML. I have done some work already, reaching a point where I can elaborate many constructor definitions, and I hope I will soon be in a position to generate code.

It says here there the rewrite will have the following wonderful benefits:

Thanks for your interest in the toolkit.