Title Primary Investigator(s) Funding Agency
CAREER: Analyzing Interactions in Visual Analytics for User and Data Modeling Remco Chang NSF
CGV: Small: Toward Objective, In-Situ, and Generalizable Evaluation of Visual Analytics by Integrating Brain Imaging with Cognitive Factors Analysis Remco Chang,
Rob Jacob
Title: EarthCube Building Blocks: Integrating Discrete and Continuous Data Alva Couch NSF
Facilities Support: The CUAHSI Water Data Center Alva Couch NSF
Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: An Interactive Software Infrastructure for Sustaining Collaborative Community Innovation in the Hydrologic Sciences Alva Couch NSF
Luce Fellowship Lenore Cowen Luce Foundation
CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Managing Uncertainty in the Design of Safety-Critical Aviation Systems Samuel Guyer NSF
CAREER: Cooperative Virtual Machines: Mechanisms and Policies for Application-Aware Runtime Services Samuel Guyer NSF
Prioritized Garbage Collection Samuel Guyer Google
Sirius: A Toolset for Building First-Class Domain-Specific Languages Samuel Guyer USAF
Computational Metabolomics of Gut Microbiota Metabolites Soha Hassoun NIH
SHF: Small: Design Tools and their Experimental Validation for Synthetic Biological Systems Soha Hassoun NSF
Collaborative Research: Identification of Immunomodulatory Microbiota Metabolites Soha Hassoun NSF
Automotive Joint Research Project Rob Jacob Private
Implicit Brain Input for Wearable Technology Rob Jacob Google
RI: Medium: Collaborative Research: Optimizing Policies for Service Organizations in Complex Structured Domains Roni Khardon NSF
PPAML-Probabilistic Programming for Advanced Machine Learning Norman Ramsey DARPA
NRI: Small: Collaborative Research: Don't Read my Face: Tackling the Challenges of Facial Masking in Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation through Co-Robot Mediators Matthias Scheutz NSF
Computational Models for Neuroendocrine Control of Social Behavior Matthias Scheutz NSF
Moral Competence in Computational Architectures for Robots: Foundations, Implementations & Demonstrations Matthias Scheutz ONR
Multi-Modal One-Shot Perceptual, Action, and Natural Language Learning from One-shot Multi-Modal Dialogue-Based Demonstrations Matthias Scheutz ONR
Towards an Integrated Cognitive Computational Architecture for Situated Natural Language Understanding and Reasoning Matthias Scheutz ONR
Robust Real-Time Biologically Plausible Speech Recognition for Outdoor Robotic Application Domains Matthias Scheutz ONR
A Molecular Assessment of the Consequences of Preterm Birth Donna Slonim NIH
AF: Small: Collaborative Research: Reconfiguration Algorithms Diane Souvaine,
Csaba Toth