Remco Chang

Associate Professor
Tufts University
Computer Science

Halligan Hall 221
161 College Avenue
Medford, MA 02155
(Office) 617-627-3681
(Lab) 617-627-6514



2015 Fall: Visualization

2016 Spring: Visualization Seminar

2016 Spring: Computer Graphics

Recent Activities

Professor Ottley!

Congratulations to Alvitta Ottley, who will be an assistant professor in the Compuer Science department at Washington University in St. Louis in August 2016!


Professor Crouser!

Congratulations to Jordan Crouser, who is an assistant professor in the Stats and Data Science department at Smith College in August 2015!


Professor Brown!

Congratulations to Eli Brown, who is an assistant professor in the CS department at DePaul University starting in January 2016!


Professor Harrison!

Congratulations to Lane Harrison, who is an assistant professor in the CS department at WPI starting in July 2015!


Recent Publications

Adaptive Prefeching

Database system design that adaptively prefetches data to support interactive visual exploration and analysis

SIGMOD 2016 (pdf)


Bayes Reasoning

Improving medical risk communicatoin using phrasing, visualization, and taking into account the user's spatial ability.

InfoVis 2015 (pdf)


Research Overview

Fields Institute (2015)

Talk at the Fields Institute on Big Data Visual Analytics. Includes work on ForeCache, Finding Waldo, and Weber's Law Perceptual Modeling. (video)


MIT CSAIL (2012)

Talk at the HCI Seminar at MIT CSAIL on LOC, interaction logging, and interactive metric learning. (video)

Research Topics

Big Data Visual Analytics

Techniques and systems for interactive visual exploration of large databases

(sigmod16) (bd13) (ivi08)

Interactive Visual Machine Learning

Combine machine learning with interactive visual analysis.

(vast12) (isvc10) (cgf09)

User Interaction Analysis

Analysis of interaction logs to recover reasoning process and intent.

(chi15) (vast14) (chi10) (cga09)

Visualization Theory

Theory of information visualization and evaluation methods.

(chi15) (vda15) (vis14) (cga09)

Individual Differences

Model and predict user behavior based on their cognitive states and traits

(infovis15) (chi15) (chi13) (chi13) (vast11)

Recent Grants

Tufts (2016-2017)

A Cohort to Capture Behavior Change and Personalized Dietary Patterns

NSF CAREER (2015-2020)

Analyzing Interactions in Visual Analytics for User and Data Modeling

Tufts/Army (2015-2016)

Analyzing Users’ Gaze and Mouse Interactions in Bayesian Reasoning Tasks

MIT Lincoln Lab (2014-2015)

Adaptive, Reinforced, and Interactive Visual Analytics

Tufts CTSI (2014-2015)

Development of the Prognosis Assessment for Active and Conservative Treatment Tool

NSF IIS (2012-2016)

Toward Objective, In-Situ, and Generalizable Evaluation of Visual Analytics by Integrating Brain Imaging with Cognitive Factors Analysis

Recent Talks

Big Data Visual Analytics

(03-09-2016) Bently
(02-29-2016) KAUST
(01-12-2016) Middlesex
(01-06-2016) UCL
(10-19-2015) UMass Amherst
(10-16-2015) Baylor University
(10-08-2015) Brown University
(02-26-2015) Fields Institute (U Toronto)
(01-20-2015) MIT SEAri Workshop
(10-10-2014) WPI

Analyzing User Interactions for Data and User Modeling

(07-03-2014) Sandia National Lab
(07-02-2014) Los Alamos National Lab
(06-16-2014) Pacific Northwest National Lab
(06-05-2014) Dagstuhl Workshop

Hacking and Debugging the User in Visual Analytics

(08-08-2014) MIT SEAri
(02-18-2014) MIT Lincoln Lab