COMP 160: Introduction to Algorithms (Fall 2018)

Instructors D+ block (Sec 01): Hugo Akitaya and Karen Edwards

Instructor L+ block (Sec03): Matias Korman

Grad TAs: Ramtin Hosseini, Daniel Dinjian, Tooba Ahsen

Final exam: (D+ block) Friday, Dec 14, 3:00pm-6:00pm, (L+ block) Wednesday, Dec 19, 3:00pm-6:00pm.
In-class exams: October 4, November 6.

General information: Contact info, location, textbook, prerequisites, topics covered, grading scheme, advice, etc.

Schedule so far: What was covered in past lectures and recitations.

Reading: Organized by topic; class notes, links, videos and textbook references. All are available before the course begins.

Expected Work:

Students are expected to attend class and recitation regularly and to complete regular reading assignments in CLRS. Students are responsible for all material covered in class as well as all material covered in the assigned reading, whether or not the material is also covered in class. Graded course work will include regular homework sets, frequent quizzes, two in-class examinations, and one final examination.

Individual completion and regular submission of the homework with full attribution of sources is a prerequisite for passing this course.
NOTE: Groups of people may work together at the outset, discussing and strategizing how to solve problems, and various other sources may be consulted, subject to the following conditions: each person must write up and submit his/her solutions in his/her OWN words; every person and/or text and/or web site consulted in the process of completing the assignment must be accurately cited on the homework paper submitted.

The in-class exams and the final exam will include questions similar to those included on homework assignments and will draw on material covered in lecture and/or in the reading.

No collaboration is allowed on examinations.


OFFICE HOURS: (Note that these may change within the first few weeks of classes)

NEWS: (you are expected to check this section 24 hours after class)


The homework will be posted in Piazza and turned in via Gradescope. The first assignment is already set up. Check Piazza for instruction on how to register in Gradescope.